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Future technical development of China's instrumentation industry

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During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China's instrumentation industry will mainly focus on the needs of major national projects, strategic emerging industries, and the people's livelihood field, and accelerate the development of advanced automatic control systems, large-scale precision test equipment, new instrumentation and sensors.

In terms of key technologies in the industry, the following technologies will be focused on in the next five years:

1. Emerging sensor technology: As the basic element of the sensor network, the sensor will have a very broad development prospect in the future. At present, new sensor technologies include solid-state silicon sensor technology, fiber-optic sensor technology, biochip technology, gene chip technology, image sensor technology, all-solid-state inertial sensor technology, and multi-sensor technology. In this field, the focus is on the development of new principles and new effects. Sensor technology, sensor intelligence technology, sensor network technology, miniaturization and low power consumption technology, as well as sensor array and multi-functional, multi-sensor parameter sensor design, manufacturing and packaging technology. "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" will focus on smart sensors and carry out key technical research. In this field, focus on the development of new principles, new effects of sensing technology, sensor intelligence technology, sensor network technology, miniaturization and low power consumption technology, as well as the design, manufacture and development of sensor arrays and multi-functional, multi-sensor parameter sensors. Packaging technology.

2. Industrial wireless communication network technology: As an addition to the wired industrial communication network, the industrial wireless communication network has been generally recognized. China has achieved certain results in industrial wireless communication networks, and it is possible to continue to intensify the development to lead the world in this regard. In this area, we should focus on the formulation of industrial wireless communication network standards and industrial wireless communication network certification technologies.

3. Functional safety technology and safety instrumentation: Functional safety technology and safety instrumentation are new technologies developed recently in the world. The purpose is to prevent abnormal accidents in industrial facilities, which endangers the safety of people and equipment. This technology and related instrument products have gained wide attention from users. China's large petrochemical engineering construction projects have stipulated that functional safety assessment must be performed in advance. There are frequent accidents in China's industrial facilities, and it is of great significance to study safety instrumentation technology. The key products in this field include the development and application of control systems that reach the overall safety level SIL3, temperature transmitters, pressure / pressure differential transmitters, electric actuators / valve positioners, and also the evaluation of safety instrumented systems. Development of technical method research and assessment tools.

4. Precision processing technology and special process technology: The gap between China's high and mid-range testing equipment and foreign countries is largely the gap between precision processing and special process technology. The current emphasis is on multi-dimensional precision processing technology, precision molding technology, spherical and aspherical optical component precision processing technology, crystal optical component grinding technology, special optical film design and preparation technology, precision grating scribe reproduction technology, special welding and bonding , Sintering and other special connection processes, special chip processing technology, MEMS technology, fully automatic trace and trace sample analysis and processing technology, etc.

5. Functional components and application technology of analytical instruments: Key components of analytical instruments, such as detectors, quadrupoles, high-pressure pumps, valves, magnets, special light sources and power supplies, automatic samplers, long-life high-sensitivity electrodes, medium Key components such as step gratings and high-precision electronic extensometers are developed to improve the stability and reliability of the entire machine. Simultaneously develop spectra and databases for different application areas.

6.Intelligent technology: It is characterized by self-calibration, self-test, self-diagnosis, and self-adaptive functions; it has data processing capabilities for complex calculations and error correction; it has the function of automatically completing specified measurement tasks; it is used for scientific testing instruments and controls System expert system software.

7. System integration and application technology: At present, we should focus on the development of seamless connection integration technology between control systems of different manufacturers; project planning, design, organization, procurement, acceptance, commissioning, etc. that major suppliers of automation equipment for large-scale projects should have Project management technology.

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