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It is our service tenet to respect customers, understand customers, and create value for customers. Dedicating our customers to their problems and dedication is our service philosophy. We need to communicate with the "heart" and serve with the "six hearts".

I. Concern and love: From the customer's perspective, grasp the customer's mood and needs, and urgency the customer's urgency; think about the problem for the customer in advance, deal with the problem in the bud state, and prevent the problem from expanding.

Second, sincerity and attentiveness: from the heart of the customer as their own food and clothing parents; meticulous and considerate customers, do some practical things for customers, let customers feel the importance of your existence.

3. Attentiveness and perseverance: treat and complete each job and service with the utmost care, and do everything for every consultation request, application, complaint, etc. of the client, and everything is under the control of the customer; regard service as a cause and quality as Life is persistent.

The service negligence is often small and instantaneous, but the harm to customers and the annoyance left in the hearts of customers is long-lasting and spreading, and the loss of corporate image may also be continuous and continuously enlarged. This is In terms of service, we have put forward the concept of "wholehearted and responsible". Regardless of whether it is an old customer or a new customer, we must use the "wholehearted, dedication" standard to complete each task of serving customers. Through the service of "wholehearted, dedication", we get customer satisfaction and our comfort.

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